Our members power the VietFinTech ecosystem – want to get involved?

Contributions from members foster the ecosystem for all stakeholders. We believe that a strong spirit of volunteering is an essential characteristic of a sustainable association and to fostering the Vietnam FinTech ecosystem. Volunteers are our most valuable resource. Nothing would be possible without the passion, energy, and dedication of members who get involved to lead the way or help support meaningful projects.

Our board, chapters, and committees are all comprised of volunteers which are collectively supported by a small staff. We appreciate the time and effort required as well as how rewarding the involvement can be for volunteers.

There is an overwhelming range of demand for support from the Association, but nothing can get started without a dedicated volunteer show leadership.

The 2016 Activity Report provides a broad overview of the impact our volunteers have created. Our volunteers want to share their thoughts and invite you to join them by getting active.

Please note that all volunteering with Vietnam Fintech is unpaid.

Requirements for Volunteering

  1. Active member in the Association
  2. Appropriate profile and skills for the role
  3. Filling a specific role with defined responsibilities
  4. Singing a Volunteer Pledge
  5. Adherence to a code of conduct and other policies
  6. Join a project, take a lead, or get something started.

Become a member

  • Take part in our events for a low or no cost – up to 50% cost reduction for some events
  • Get access to the member directory – search and share deals and contacts
  • Receive special offers from partners – attend national and international conferences for free or with a special discount
  • Become a thought leader – contribute with your knowledge and expertise to the community
  • Get access to resources and the network – connect experienced professionals and build authentic business relationships

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