SecurityBox is one of the leading network security companies in Vietnam providing products and services for comprehensive network security testing and evaluation for domestic and international organizations and enterprises.

Mobile Payment


Founded: 2013 – Vietnam/Hanoi – Section: Mobile Payment

The basic idea is that merchants can go to the 1Pay website , create an account, thus giving them access to the API key and SDK to integrate payment via mobile for their games, content, or mobile apps. It allows customers to pay by SMS, online, and via prepaid cards for purchases via their mobile. Basically, you can buy things on your mobile in Vietnam now with 1Pay, and merchants can check and collect all their sales in a dashboard provided by 1Pay.


Founded: 2010 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector: Mobile Payment

123Pay is connected and widely used in many fields varying from Digital Service (games online, online music); E-commerce (sales websites); to utility services like booking vacation tours and hotels, cinema/airline tickets, cell-phone top-ups, paying electricity/water/ADSL bills. 123Pay’s advantages including: Bank Link System which connects nearly all 40 banks in Vietnam, accepts international debit/credit cards from Visa, MasterCard; International-standard Security System.


Founded: 2014 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector: Mobile Payment

Payoo is an e-wallet services company designed to “assist users in buying, selling and making transactions” online. Payoo offers services to both individuals and businesses. For personal users, Payoo provides a digital wallet that can be loaded via bank transfer to make purchases on the Internet; for businesses, Payoo’s e-wallet acts as an intermediary to enable online businesses to accept payments online.


Founded: 2006 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector: Mobile Payment

OnePay is a leading online payments and financial transaction processing company in Vietnam. Established in 2006, during the early days of e-Commerce in Vietnam, OnePay provides the following products and solutions.


Founded: 2008 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector: Mobile Payment

A payment gateway ( that authorizes payments for e-businesses and online retailers in Vietnam since 2008.


Founded: 2007 –  Vietnam/Hanoi -Sector: Mobile Payment

Vietnam Payment Technologies Joint Stock Company (VinaPay) was official established in May 2007. VinaPay is a privately held company focused on electronic payment service using mobile and internet technology to satisfy demand of easy, safe and immediate payment for customer and business as well as develop e-commerce and m-commerce in Vietnam.a

Founded: 2007 – Vietnam/Hanoi – Sector: Mobile Payment

VNPAY connected and cooperated with banks to establishment of a payment solution basing on modern means such as : Mobile Banking, VnTopup, Bill Payment VnPayBill, Online services portal –, VnMart e-wallet, Utility sim, Selling air tickets.


Founded: 2011 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector: Mobile Payment

E-wallet WebMoney Vietnam help customers access online payment services globally. The product allows customers to pay electricity and telephone bills, do the online shopping and transfer money. Customers can also use the product to withdraw money at banks associated with VNO or WMV agents.


Founded: 2011 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector:  Mobile Payment

As a portable sales counter, Cyberpay helps you to open your retail business and sell game cards, mobile phone top-up cards, etc., with ease and safety.


Founded: 2009 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Mobile Payment

Ngan Luong – an online wallet and payment platform, founded in 2009 – provides a payment solution for e-commerce websites between buyers and sellers. It‘s linked to many reputed e-commerce sites, such as, By holding a step of cash delivery when buyers make it and actually receive products.


Founded: 2010 – Vietnam/Hochiminh –  Mobile Payment

ZingPay is an extended feature of the integrated platform – Zing, developed by VNG. It was built in 2010 and is for all online payment transactions in the Zing community, especially ZingPlay – A gaming tool. The money in the community is called Zing Xu. This is a base of 123Pay development later.


Founded: 2013 – Vietnam/Hanoi & Hochiminh – Sector: Mobile Payment

Moca is a premier payment company providing the most innovative mobile payment solution with the best customer experience.


Founded: 2015 – Vietnam/Hanoi – Sector: Mobile Payment

OnOnPay is an online topup tool for pre-paid mobile users in Vietnam, aiming to expand to Southeast Asia region. OnOnPay brings convenience, rewards and next level of customer service to all users and transactions.


Founded: 2005 – Vietnam/Hanoi – Sector: Mobile Payment

VTPay is for the payment of personal income tax and estimated personal income tax. Business taxpayers should use myVTax to pay their personal income tax withholding, sales and use tax, and meals and rooms tax.


Founded: 2014 – Vietnam/Hanoi – Sector: Mobile Patyment

Vimo is an e-wallet and mobile payments app. Vimo enables users to pay online and make peer-to-peer transfers in just a few seconds.


Founded: 2014 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector:  Mobile Payment

MoMo is an e-wallet and mobile payments app. MoMo enables users to pay online and make peer-to-peer transfers in just a few seconds. With MoMo, users can make transactions such as buy games credit, top up, as well as pay their utility bills. MoMo currently supports payments to nearly 100 services providers and online businesses.The payment system is integrated with 24 domestic banks, as well as international payments networks including Visa, MasterCard and JCB.


Founded: 2006 – Vietnam/Hanoi – Sector: Mobile Payment

As a state-owned enterprise, and a subsidiary of Vietnam Multimedia Corporation, VTC Pay provides the alternative payment methods for Vietnam Market, including: Prepaid Cards; VTC Pay e-wallet and payment gateway; VTCid; PSMS. This payment gate is holding the largest payment network in Vietnam with 29 domestic banks and 02 International Card Manufacturers Associations.


Founded: 2013 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector:  Mobile Payment provide the best customer service, create online payment environment safe and convenient. It allows individuals and businesses to settle transactions across multiple e-commerce websites, including Buy Generic , En Silver , Dan Tri , Buy cheap , Dragon Bay , Soha Movie, and more.


Founded: 2003 – Thailand – Sector: Mobile Payment

2C2P offers all solutions to a comprehensive payment of e-commerce and m-commerce businesses. This Thailand startup is expanding accross Asia Pacific countries and comes to Vietnam.


Founded: 2010 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector:  Mobile Payment

Bao Kim E-Commerce JSC provides online payment services. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Bao Kim E-Commerce JSC is a subsidiary of


Founded: 2007 – Vietnam/Hanoi – Sector:Mobile Payment

BankPlus is an offerings from Viettel, starting with the service of transfering money among banks on mobile devices, then cash delivery. Speed, convenience, easiness are BankPus’s unique points. This was one of the earliest Fintech companies in Vietnam.


Founded: 2007 – Vietnam/Hanoi – Sector: Payment

Nodestr makes a service of transferring money across borders. It helps its customers make service/product payments without currency exchange fees and capital requirements within 3-5 seconds.




Founded: 2014 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector: Lending

Loanvi is an online peer-to-peer lending platform for personal loans in Vietnam. Founded in 2015, the startup aims at bridging the gap between underbanked individuals and investors by creating an accessible channel for individuals to acquire loan financing and for investors to earn solid fixed-income returns.


Bitcoin / Blockchain


Founded: 2015 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector: Bitcoin / Blockchain

Cash2vn is Vietnam’s leading Bitcoin startup to bring fast and easy access to the global Bitcoin economy to the Vietnamese market. Cash2vn aims to provide a comparable service at a significantly lower rate by the superior process that the Bitcoin platform enables. Cash2vn delivery options currently include forwarding to all local bank accounts with additional cashout options (also suitable for residents / travellers without a local bank account) being added over the coming months.

Bitcoin Vietnam

Founded: 2013 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector: Bitcoin / Blockchain

Bitcoin Vietnam Co. Ltd., a Vietnamese Bitcoin startup founded in late 2013, is aiming to bring world-class Bitcoin technology to the Vietnamese market. Due to the international composition of the current team with strong ties to some of the world’s leading Bitcoin spaces (Germany, Israel, Singapore), Bitcoin Vietnam Co. Ltd. will be able to provide cutting-edge technology on an international standard regarding usage of the Bitcoin technology in Vietnam.

VBTC Bitcoin

Founded: 2014 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector:  Bitcoin / Blockchain

VBTC, a project of startup Bitcoin Vietnam, is taking aim at the unbanked population and will enable users to deposit and withdraw cash from more than 9,200 locations across Vietnam. Verified users enjoy instant bitcoin deposits, which enable them to trade without keeping funds on deposit at all times at VBTC.


Point of Sale (POS)

Founded: 2015 – Vietnam/Hanoi – Sector: POS

Hottab is a startup that offers a new solution for point-of-sale (POS) management for F&B business. Hottab provides service tablets and a POS system for food and beverage (F&B) businesses. A cloud-based system connects all devices using Hottab. It includes an application installed on tablet devices that allows waiters to create new orders. It also enables customers to self-order at the table.


Founded: 2015 – Vietnam/Hanoi & Hochiminh – Sector: POS

SoftPay is a leading Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) solution and Payment Facilitator company in Vietnam. SoftPay’s mPOS solution enables businesses and individuals to accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Amex, China UnionPay), debit cards, bank cards, loyalty cards and all other kinds of card payments anywhere at anytime. Our mPOS solution is highly secure and has achieved numerous certifications to give merchants and customers peace of mind when processing payments.


Founded: 2013 – Vietnam/Hanoi – Sector:  POS

ibox, in South-East Asia and Russia, set to revolutionize the global payments market. With ibox solution, merchants accept credit and debit cards, using their smartphones or tablets, in a simple, secure and cost-effective way. ibox expanded into 5 countries across South-East Asia. The company has major offices in Hong Kong, Hanoi, Bangkok, Jakarta and Moscow.




Founded: 2015 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector: Crowdfunding

FundStart is a crowdfunding platform that allows artists and project leaders to raise fund from the crowd, “turning dreams into reality with funds coming from the community.” Fundstart seeks to allow the community to find the best projects to support and project owners to engagers with backers and get media attention to reach success.


Founded: 2015 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector: Crowdfunding

Comicola is a crowdfunding platform in the cartoon industry. The company has its own website and a distribution system which is teeming with activities to engage young artists, writers, and readers. Comicola, which also offers courses in applied comic art in Vietnam, has forged increasing partnerships with local artists and comic illustrators.


Founded: 2015 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector: Crowdfunding

Betado is a crowdfunding platform that allows startups to raise fund from the crowd. Betado seeks to allow the community to find the best startups to support.


Founded: 2014 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector: Crowdfunding

Firststep is a crowdfunding platform that allows startups to raise fund from the crowd. Firststep seeks to allow the community to find the best startups to support. Firststep is the reward-based crowdfunding platform in Vietnam. Firststep build this platform to get fund for Vietnamese ideas.


Personal Finance

FE Credit

Founded: 2016 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector: Personal Finance

Founded as Consumer Finance Division of Vietnam Prosperity Joint-Stock Commercial Bank (VPBank), after 5 years of establishment, FE Credit successfully transferred all consumer finance operations to the new independent company – VPBank Finance Company Limited, abbreviated as VPB FC (Brand FE Credit) in February, 2015. FE Credit launched the first personal loan management app in Vietnam.


Founded: 2011 – Vietnam/Hanoi – Sector: Personal Finance

Money Lover is a finance management app that allows users to track their expenses over time and manage their monthly and annual budget. Among its features, Money Lover supports multiple accounts, has a cloud sync solution so we can access your financial data on all devices, as well as auto backup.


Foundead: 2015 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector: Personal Finance

As the 1st digital bank in Vietnam, Timo offers a variety of banking services, such as money transfer, bill payment, savings, … Powered by VP bank, Timo has a strategy to re-invent the banking industry. Timo brings a 100% free services to end-users with an idea of creative Banking experience.


Data Management


Founded: 2015 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector: Data Management

CircleBii is an analytics app focusing on cashflow for startups and SMEs. Founders use it to get quick insight about their startup finance and optimize every penny they put in.


Founded: 2013 – Vietnam/Hanoi – Sector:  Data Management

TrustingSocial is reinventing credit scoring based on social, mobile and web data. Marketplace lending is disrupting retail banking by leveraging propriety Big Data credit scoring technologies.

They make their TrustingSocial Authenticity Score available for free to everyone in the world, so that they can build trust instantly with each other.


Comparison Sites


Founded: 2016 – Vietnam/Hochiminh – Sector: Comparison Sites

BankGo is the first platform providing the information about financial product to banking consumers for their comparison. It automates the purchasing process for users and analyzes financial products in practice. It optimizes consumers’ benefits and consumers’ rights.