The Vietnam Finance + Technology Organization is currently developing competencies and expertise, which look ahead at the future of FinTech. We are looking to leverage the existing expertise within our global network and bring together different voices and opinions. Diversity of thought is though extremely important. With more and more integrations between individual devices and adjacent industries, a more interdisciplinary and holistic approach is necessary to understand the arising complexities.

FinTech is more than banking without banks 

Banking might be one of the areas that has received the most attention. However, FinTech is more than only the sum of new tools, and it affects more than just the traditional banking system. Once it becomes clear that technology is the main driver of the change, one has to consider the different segments and processes in finance it affects. These include insurance, trading, investing, payments and so forth. A new picture is forming – FinTech as a tool and enabler of doing business that transcends the industry.


The potential for new technology to find opportunities in the insurance industry has been steadily growing. A brief look at Google Trends shows that the interest in InsurTech has been rising and is now at levels comparable to those of FinTech around three years ago. It is also in this area in which we can see the currently highest degree of convergence between industry and finance.

Sustainable and Social Finance

Emerging financial technologies promise to redefine the finance industry, but could they also provide a solution for environmental and social problems? The new technologies are not only a way to promote sustainable and impact finance, but become interesting in the support of scaling up solutions. Investors interested in socially responsible portfolios or sustainable finance investments can be empowered by the increase in data and the emergence of new tools. What are the results from other positive trends, such as a general disintermediation and increased possibility for transparency?